Origins of the Juneaus

There are two founders of Juneau families in Canada. In both cases, the first ancestor’s family name was Jouineau, which evolved into Juneau.

The Juneaus of Saint-Augustin

Jean Jouineau arrived in Canada in the early 1650s with his son Pierre. Pierre married Madeleine Duval in 1654, but he died in 1655, killed by the Iroquois, leaving his wife pregnant. Jean-Pierre Jouineau was born posthumously in 1655. Because Pierre had died indebted, different family arrangements were negotiated and the old Jean, more than seventy years old, had to work the land in order to pay for the care of his grandson.

Jean-Pierre settled definitely in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures on a land that remained in the family until the twentieth century.

His children settled in Saint-Augustin, in Québec City, in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade and on the Île Jésus (now Laval), near Montréal.

The Juneaus dit Latulippe

Pierre Jouineau settled down first in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, then in Champlain. Unfortunately, we do not know his origin. He married Anne Rousseau before 1663. They had two children: Marie-Anne and Augustin. Augustin was a soldier in the Company of M. de Muy when he married Élisabeth Blanchon dit Larose in 1698. He is the first member of the family to bear the surname Latulippe, which he transmitted to his descendants.

Augustin settled down in Chambly with his family. He probably participated in the construction of the Fort of Chambly. After his death in 1716, his widow and his children moved to Sainte-Geneviève-de-Batiscan. From there, Augustin’s descendants spread throughout North America.

François settled down in Repentigny and we find his descendants mainly in the Montréal area and in Wisconsin, but also in Maine. Jean-Baptiste stayed in the Mauricie area. Claude left for Louisiana, where he had many descendants. And Louis travelled through the continent before being deported in 1758 with the Acadians of Saint-John Island (now Prince Edward Island) and perishing in a shipwreck.

There are now Juneaus everywhere in the North American Continent.

The Association des Juneau d’Amérique inc. brings together all Juneaus, whatever their origin, does research on all Juneaus, including those of other origins in Canada and the United States (whether they be from Santo Domingo, France, Belgium or Switzerland), and organises social meetings. All those bearing the name Juneau, Jouineau, Junot, Junod, etc., and their descendants are welcome.

Matthieu Juneau, President of the Association des Juneau d’Amérique inc., 2005.

Outstanding Events

1960: More than 600 persons were present at the first Juneau Family Rally held at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Qc, Canada. (See Blue Book page 701).

1991: An International Juneau Reunion is organized in the New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. A document by Virginia Juneau mentions the presence of Henri-Paul and Léon saying : «Henri-Paul Juneau, Canada, violinist, entertained the group and was responsible for the contribution of the traditional art and history of the “Dance of the Caribou”». «Leon Juneau, vocalist, sang in French. It was beautiful and inspirational».

When they returned home, Henri-Paul and Léon got to work in order to revive the interest of the Juneaus in the association that had ceased to exist after the 1960 rally. Henri-Paul took his pilgrim’s staff and visited the members of the ancient committee of 1960 and met with many other unknown Juneaus. He was able to form a committee, which Raymond agreed to preside. During that time, Léon was making telephone calls by the hundreds trying to recruit members for a new association.

On January 14, 1994, a provisional committee is formed, with Raymond, Bertrand, Serge, André, Henri-Paul, Richard, Jean-Pierre, Léon and Philorum, and including Léo-Paul Landry, genealogist and co-author of the book on the genealogy of the Juneau families.

1994: The Americans organize another international reunion at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S..A., city founded by Salomon Juneau around 1838. Raymond, President of the new Canadian association was present with a few others.

1997: The international reunion is held in La Rochelle, France. Again, Raymond is present as President. Many Canadians accompany him, Henri-Paul, founder of the new Association being one of them, and also Léon.

1998: Incorporation of the Association des Juneau d’Amérique inc.

2000: It is Québec City’s turn to welcome the Juneaus. In spite of the fact that the association was very young, the Québec Rally was a success. Raymond was still President.

2003: The rally is held for a second time in New Orleans, Louisiana, U..S.A. Matthieu, actual President of our association is present, as well as one of our devoted members of the Board, Émile, with his wife Suzanne Groulx.

2006 : Juneaus from all corners of North America gathered for the international reunion held in Wells, Maine, U.S.A. Matthieu, president of our association, is present along with many others from Canada (including Léon and his brother Claude, Émile and Suzanne, André, Denise, and the Honorable Pierre Juneau former president of CBC). Matthieu makes a presentation on the Juneau Families who emigrated from Quebec to Maine.

2009 : Fifty years ago, Alaska became one of the States of the United States of America. This year being the anniversary of this event, an international Juneau reunion was held in Juneau, Capital of this State, by American Juneaus. A few members from the Association des Juneau d’Amérique attended the reunion.

2011 : From June 9 to 12, 2011, a Juneau Family Reunion was held in Diamondhead, Mississippi, U..S.A. Émile Juneau (from Montréal) and his wife Suzanne Groulx, both members of the Board of Directors of the Association des Juneau d'Amérique inc. were present at this reunion.